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Eddie Ray, the lead singer and head of Cracker Box

Cracker Box

Cracker Box is a small-time musical project based in Centralia, Illinois. Founded in late 2010 by Nathan 'Eddie' Ray, they will operate almost entirely over the Internet, with their first album, "Randy Told Me" set for production. When the album will be released has yet to be seen.


The idea for Cracker Box began in early 2009, when lead singer Nathan 'Eddie' Ray took an interest in singing and voice acting. After more than a year of practicing on using different voices, Ray decided to start writing lyrics for songs. Met with mixed success, he decided that his talents were best put to use in the actual singing. In the summer of 2010, Ray came up with the name Cracker Box after playing the Sucker Punch game Sly 2: Band of Thieves, in which an intercom announcement states that a prowler is in the area and that "If you see this cracker-box, BAM! make him UN-happy!' Ironically, immediately afterward Ray was hit in the head with a box of Saltines, thrown by his younger brother.


Below is a list of Cracker Box's members, in the order in which they joined.

  • Nathan 'Eddie' Ray - Lead Vocalist/Manager
  • Jordan Villa - Synthesizer/Backup Vocalist